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    Wholesale Hair Styling Tool Collection

    As a wholesale beauty supply distributor, it is necessary to have an inventory to supply salons and beauty supply stores with all of their wholesale hair styling products and equipment. We do our best to offer a large variety of wholesale beauty items in order to satisfy our customers and business owners with the items they have been searching for. Our selection of wholesale salon products is incomparable to our competitors because we are one of the largest beauty supply distributors in the southeast.

    Whether you are in the search for bulk brushes and combs, hair rollers and cold wave rods, or bobby and hair pins in bulk, we can satisfy your requirements with price, size, and even color. We have such a wide variety of products here at LALA Xpress, that most customers do not need to shop anywhere else. Although we mostly cater to black beauty supply products, our products can equip any salon professional in the beauty industry or beauty supply owners that buy at a wholesale price for resale.

    Whether your customers are searching for braids or supplies for wig making, we have an inventory of different sizes, styles, and quantities so your customers can find whats right for them. But it doesn't stop there, here at LALA Xpress, we have such a large inventory we cannot mention every product we carry; however, when it comes to wholesale hair styling tools and products, we are certain to have what you desire.

    Furthermore, we know that in order to run a top notch hair salon our customers require top notch quality wholesale shears. As a wholesale beauty supply distributor we do our best to keep prices low; however, we also try not to skim out on quality in order to do so. Our wholesale Annie hair shear master and Annie thinning shear master is unrivaled in quality and price. Whether you prefer stainless steel or titanium in all sorts of sizes, we have it all so our customers can perform the perfect hair styling or cut.

    Although we keep an inventory for our most popular wholesale salon products, we also enjoy staying on top of trends for new hairstyles which require a certain wholesale hair styling tool. Whether you want our wholesale braiding jewelry tubes to get a flashy new hairstyle or our wholesale wig clips to create your own wig, we make sure to keep an inventory of all these items in order to keep our customers satisfied.

    Here at LALA Xpress we always consider both quality and price; therefore, we only trust top quality suppliers such as Annie beauty products and Qfitt beauty products. We hope you enjoy shopping at LALA Xpress, as much as we love to supply our customers with the cheapest prices for our quality products.